What Shall We Bring? 

October 10, 2018

I’ve been part of Plymouth my whole life. I grew up running around these halls, singing in children’s choir and going to Camp N-Sid-Sen. I joined the church with the 8th Grade Confirmation class of 1999. I participated in three high school mission trips and preached a sermon on Youth Sunday when I was a senior in YF. Growing up in a church that accepted me no matter what, that worked for justice, welcomed LGBTQ+ folks… all of that shaped what I believe in. When I think about it, Plymouth has given me a lot! I’m grateful. What do I bring? I bring a deep sense of gratitude for this community, for our history together, for all I've received here and for the chance to give back. –Kyna Shilling

We share in the joy of focusing on who we have been, are and are becoming as a community of faith in covenant together. “What Shall We Bring?” invites us to an expression of our faith and generosity, our sharing with one another and the world how God works in us to do greater things than we even imagined. Starting this Sunday, and culminating on November 11, with our Covenant Sunday, we look together and hear the great ways we can participate with our time, talent and treasure in offering ourselves to God and each other in faith. We are better together, and while we may think we know what we CAN DO, we have no idea what CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED when we stand together for the transformation God will do through us as we respond! What shall we bring? Looking forward to beginning with you this Sunday in worship! –Rev. Steven Davis

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