Visit Plymouth's Little Free Library 

January 7, 2018

Some people already discovered the new Plymouth Little Free Library. It's a bookcase of free books located in the Lounge, near the recycling area. That's fitting since we are recycling books. What ends up in our Little Free Library are books I have withdrawn from the library collection and donations the library can't use. Books are withdrawn if they haven't been checked out for 10 years, if the title is already in the library collection, books are outdated or if books have condition issues. They still can be wonderful; they just need to be discovered. Are you downsizing? Bring your books to the library. If we can't use them, they will be placed in the Little Free Library.

I created two Little Free Libraries in Anacortes. The Little Free Library organization says, “Take a Book, Leave a Book.” Sometimes people take a lot of books and don't leave anything which can be a big problem. With the Plymouth Little Free Library, however, you are welcome to take as many books as you want. Come back frequently. There will always be something new. Oh, and help us keep the Little Free Library neat and tidy. – Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian


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