Celebrate with People's Institute 

November 14, 2018

Reclaiming Our History: Celebrating 25 Years of the People’s Institute in the Pacific Northwest is a week-long gathering to honor the rich legacy of anti-racist organizing in this region. Events December 7-December 16, 2018, center around learning from and honoring history. Ronald Chisom (co-founder of the People’s Institute), unsung sheroes and heroes of local anti-racist network and other early anti-racist community organizers will join, culminating Saturday, December 15, at Plymouth.

All are invited to celebrate this milestone in our anti-racist organizing legacy. Reclaiming Our History will be a week filled with events  designed to honor, celebrate, bond and build as People’s Institute continues the vital work to undo racism and move into that bold vision of a world without racism: a world where everyone and all communities thrive.  

Eventsd are free, but registration/tickets are required. Click here to view events and to register.


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