New in Covenant: David Koeger 

December 4, 2018

David Koeger hails originally from the East Coast, near Philadelphia. About 10 years ago, he thought moving to Boise, ID might be a good idea. He worked there in electrical engineering and found significantly more interesting opportunities in Seattle, so recently decided to change locations. He currently lives in Renton, close enough to work that he can commute by bike.

“I have always had some involvement with the church, mostly with mainline Presbyterian Church. I have evolved in my thinking as the churches have evolved in their thinking and I always knew that God loves all of us equally.”

While Dave enjoyed the liturgy of the Presbyterian Church, he found UCC churches encouraged more autonomy in their local congregations. “Plymouth Church makes sure they are more than a church to just their immediate members. I am very supportive of our local missions. I feel like I’m at home and welcomed at this church.”

When asked who he is most inspired by, Dave says, “Jesus - His ability to persuade, tell stories and inspire people.” I look forward to meeting great people and working with everyone here toward common goals.”

Topics: Church Life


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