Looking Forward 

January 29, 2019

Rev. Dr. Kelle said it best: “Annual meetings are boring…but not Plymouth’s!” I felt so inspired by the faithfulness, enthusiasm and spirit I sensed last Sunday at Plymouth’s 149th (!) such meeting. Yes, your Council has lots of work to do in 2019, and couldn’t one say that about the last, oh, 2,000-plus years of our faith? Stepping into the Moderator shoes, it is humbling and a bit awe-inspiring to think of the stream of past church leaders who have served over the past five generations. What big challenges—aside from the usual balancing budgets and staffing committees—did my predecessors in the 1870s face? I take great comfort knowing this whole church thing isn't about us; church is about God, and how God works through us on this city block located in the downtown of a big, messy city in a preposterously affluent land. I'm truly excited about what God has in store for us in the coming years. For those who think of Moderator as being the “boss” or the “king,” that’s not the way I see it at all. Rather, it’s an opportunity for servant leadership of the first order. Being Moderator provides a chance to help answer some very important questions for Plymouth in the coming years. Council’s role is to listen and lead, as we seek divine wisdom and terrestrial resources to answer such queries as these:

  • How can we organize ourselves more effectively, and then communicate better amongst ourselves?             
  • How do we ensure staff and ministers can work effectively together?         
  • How can we make sure our ministers get timely, helpful feedback and are compensated fairly?  
  • How can we keep our congregation and staff safe, while remaining welcoming and open?  
  • How shall we celebrate our 150th anniversary?  
  • How has white privilege and institutional racism shaped who we are, and who we must become?             
  • How can we best leverage our downtown location and assets to further our mission for decades to come?  
  • How can we break out of our entrenched habits to find the new ways to be church that will sustain our future?       

I welcome your collective insights as your 12 disciples on Council strive to provide answers. Here’s to this amazing faith community we call Plymouth Church! –Bing Tso, Moderator

Topics: Church Life



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