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April 9, 2019

Sign on this Sunday, April 14 for Immigrants. Our Representatives (in DC) need to hear from us AGAIN, NOW. Dream and Promise Act (H.R.6) is being marked up before being sent for the President's signature. This may be our only chance this session/year to fix the DREAMER, etc. situation. More information is at the table in the Lounge.  This Sunday, April 14 is the last day to sign this message to our Representatives.  

Hooray, the Yemen resolution has been sent to the President's desk demanding an end to u.S. military support for the brutal Saudi and Emirati war in Yemen - the first time since 1973 that all of Congress has EVER voted in a unified voice to end a U.S. war! As was printed in the New York Times: "When we started talking with folks about doing this, they basically laughed it off," said Stephen Miles, the director of Win Without War, an advocacy coalition that lobbied for the resolution. "They said it wouldn't happen, Congress doesn't ever invoke the War Powers Act - it was a really long arduous process of education."


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