An Open Letter to Rev. Dr. Kelle J. Brown 

April 30, 2019

An Open Letter to Rev. Dr. Kelle J. Brown, Lead Pastor
Plymouth United Christ of Christ
Seattle Washington

Praises and congratulations are continually lifted from me to you for your banner voice and presence not only in this community, but throughout the nation. Far too many times, far too many voices are lax in giving praise and congratulations to those in our very midst. I take this opportunity to lift my voice in praise of your way, your work, and your will, as you minister to the community in which I serve, locally and nationally.

You are indeed a 21st century preacher and teacher. As Lead Clergy at Plymouth United Church of Christ, your demonstration of excellence in community outreach, broadening Plymouth’s horizons, local and national activism, and inclusiveness are matchless. On this Resurrection Sunday, my prayer is for God to enlarge your territory, lessening the bane on all your experiences and providing to you a continuing reminder that the “stone was rolled away,” giving you the authority to be bold and bodacious in the ministry that God has ordained especially for you.

On behalf of Celebrating Women in Ministry, thanks for all you do, lifting, pushing and pulling as you go, standing up, speaking out, and shouting out when necessary.

Rev. Dr. LaVerne C. Hall
April 21, 2019

Topics: Church Life



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Important Notice

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