Movies that Move 

June 4, 2019

Everyone needs a love story! Join us for this 2018 PG13 coming of age story, 6 pm, Saturday, June 8, in Plymouth Lounge. Popcorn provided!

In honor of PRIDE month, we will watch the film Love, Simon. The movie centers on Simon Spier, a closeted, gay high school boy who is forced to balance his friends, family and the blackmailer threatening to out him to the entire school, while simultaneously attempting to discover the identity of the anonymous classmate with whom he has fallen in love with online.

Critics have praised the film for its “big heart, diverse and talented cast and revolutionary normalcy.” Love, Simon is described as “tender, sweet and affecting” and a “hugely charming crowd-pleaser” that is “funny, warm-hearted and life-affirming.” Notable as the first film by a major Hollywood studio to focus on a gay teenage romance, it grossed $66 million worldwide. Free parking in Plymouth garage.



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