Making a Difference 

July 16, 2019

Every night, Nightwatch staff and volunteers help homeless adults get food and shelter. A delicious hot meal is served at 9pm, using donated food and volunteer cooks. People experiencing homelessness are then dispatched to various shelters around the city. It is fast-paced and semi-chaotic, but people generally are appreciative and feel cared for.

The goal of Operation Nightwatch street ministry is to make friends, and help them move toward housing, treatment, employment, or even moving back with friends or family. The street ministers bring socks, bottled water, hot pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, and other supplies, depending on need and availability. Those relationships have led to some great things. Reuniting a son and a mother. Getting people out of a park and into an organized camp. Moving a senior into the Nightwatch Senior Housing Program. Street ministry is a weekly commitment. Spending time in uncomfortable places. Dealing with troubled people. Making a difference.

Thanks to all who dropped off travel-size toiletries etc. to Plymouth’s church office, 2 large boxes were dropped off at Operation Nightwatch to distribute to their homeless friends and tenants.

Learn more about Operation Nightwatch.

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Important Notice

Tuesday, August 20, Plymouth phone systems will be out of service for upgrades from 9 am until approximately noon. In case of urgent need, please contact us through the Plymouth Church Facebook page.