Inspiration Grant Spotlight: Doney Coe Pet Clinic 

July 31, 2019

I am very grateful that Plymouth’s Community Service and Social Action Board has awarded an Inspiration Grant to the Doney Coe Pet Clinic for homeless and low income people and their pets.

For some of the people who come to the clinic, the unconditional love of an animal they experience may be the only such love they have known. The protection of an animal can be a comfort to them as well. Being at the clinic has shown me even more clearly how the human-pet connection gives purpose and hope to the owner.

The clinic has been in existence for 23 years and I've been volunteering since May 2018, when I first became aware of it.  The clinic is 100% volunteer run, and its mission statement is, "All animals deserve to live their best life while being healthy and loved." The Inspiration Grant will assist with funding for critical and emergency vet care.

The clinic meets two Saturday afternoons a month and is held at the Union Gospel Mission in Pioneer Square. The clients and their pets sit on the sidewalk, often for hours, waiting their turn to be be seen.  We borrow the space from the mission, and since we have no storage space there, all the equipment is stored off-site and brought to the clinic in a truck that is unloaded by the volunteers, reloaded at the conclusion of clinic, and then returned to the storage location.

The clinic offers veterinary care, immunizations, wellness exams, wound care, medication management, and ear and flea treatments. The food section has a variety of foods and treats for the pets, and pet owners may obtain food each time they come to the clinic.

The equipment area has collars, harnesses, leashes, clothing, food bowls, toys, and beds, crates, and blankets when available. I really enjoy distributing the equipment, as we work closely with the owners and animals, helping to find the most appropriate gear for them.

The clinic's website has information about options for volunteering and also about donating. There are many ways to help.

-Sarah Parkhurst

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