Food Week of Action 

October 15, 2019

At last Sunday's Faith Formation hour, Rev. Diakonda Gurning declared that 'Our part in the current immigration system' is our addiction to cheap goods & labor. (If our produce workers were paid a living wage, we would pay '5 times' today's market price; a $2 lettuce x5 would cost $10.)  Would we do that?  Yes, our system is complicated. 

If possible, please choose ways to engage with the systemic issues related to food justice for communities you care about. This is not a one-week event--we invite you to use this week for committing to put some of these ideas intro practice throughout the year. Share your activities or actions on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #FANfoodweekPLEA and #2019FoodWeek.
Pray together: People of faith around the world pray together to interrupt apathy and inertia about our global need for healthy, sustainable, and democratic food sources. Prayer changes us and the world.
• Encourage your faith leader to share a sermon about food justice. An interfaith resource developed here in the Northwest can be found at:
• Join Bread for the World’s Prayer to end hunger
• The Presbyterian Hunger program has many resources including this Christian prayer:
• Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger suggests the following:
Learn together: Choose one of the suggested (or another) learning tools.  Learn about and share creative projects that are being undertaken as impetus for your own. Education changes us and the world.
• What is Food Sovereignty? Learn from Bellingham and around the country with these short videos:
• On International Day for Rural Women 10/15, learn about the National Farm Worker Ministry Harvest of Justice 2019:
• Take the CNN climate change solutions quiz. You may be surprised!

Climate justice & food sovereignty are the focus for this week of prayer and action. Share in this PLEA, through Praying, Learning, Eating, and Advocating. 

For the whole message, Click here or read a printed copy on the table in the Lounge on Sunday, Oct. 20. FAN's Food Week of Action is October 13-20.  This is their PLEA. Through Praying, Learning, Eating, and Advocating.   FAN, in partnership with more than 60 organizations worldwide has declared climate justice & food sovereignty the focusi for this week of prayer and action. We are invited to share in this PLEA, through Praying, Learning, Eating, and Advocating. 

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