Dear Plymouth... 

October 15, 2019

Dear Plymouth Church family, staff and Council,

The gratitude we have for all your expressions of support, well wishes, prayers and love overflows within us. My husband, Bill Castello, and I, along with my mom and daughter who were here during my illness, surgery and beginning recuperation, all experienced your outpouring of grace and hope. Profoundly grateful only begins to give voice to how deeply we’ve been touched. The quilt from the knitters, the cards shared through the efforts of the Community and Care Board, the visits from staff and some on Council, the meals prepared and additional sentiments sent by cards and emails and prayers prayed with great faith and trust in our healing God have made all the difference. We love you and hope you know how precious you are to us!

Now that I no longer have an I.V. attached to my arm for home infusion antibiotics and am on a different regimen for my remaining follow-up care and treatment, I have permission from my medical team to return to a “light work” schedule for the next 2-3 weeks, and then progress forward as stamina and continued healing allows.  My plan is to be in the church office in the mornings until early afternoon (9:30ish – 1:30ish) on most days. I will start adding evening meetings and other activities as energy allows, or find the way to be included through technology. I’ve been urged by Council, staff (especially our Faith Community Nurse, June Hayakawa-Fung) and physicians to do what is best for my health first, as a relapse during this season would be severely detrimental. I’m taking their encouragement and admonishments seriously, as difficult as I find it to not re-engage at full pace. With all due diligence, I will return to all my responsibilities. In the interim, I’m ever thankful for the Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown, Diane Jacobsen, Jennifer Castle, June Hayakawa-Fung, Rev. Donene Blair, Rev. Kevin Bechtold, Wanda Griffiths, Rogie Eclipse and Gener Rillo for the ways in which each one has taken on something additional in my absence to keep Plymouth Church not only functioning, but thriving. I’m thankful for lay leaders and volunteers who have stepped up and taken action, especially Toni Arthur who at this time is working in the front office as the welcoming face of Plymouth Church! Thank you and much praise for and gratitude to all of you! Yours in grace and hope, Rev. Steve Davis

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