From Sightseer to Pilgrim 

January 6, 2014

Churches are often tempted to treat those who come through their doors as sightseers—visitors from a distant country, consumers looking for an interesting experience. Services are offered to make their journey more comfortable, more fun and less complicated. The belief persists that lowering the bar in this way makes ‘church’ more appealing and that these sightseers will want to stay. I don’t think most people walk through the doors of any church because they want an easy faith—their lives aren’t easy! My life isn’t easy, is yours?

What we need is for the Church to create a space where people can share in an encounter with the Divine—a place that gives shape to their journey. I find that young people especially are not looking for an easy path to life, the path of least resistance. They seek a path that makes a difference for themselves and others. Let us celebrate and witness the fact that this faith community expresses a faith that is demanding and complex enough to lead to life-changing transformation through Jesus Christ.

People come through our doors for many reasons. They may show up a sightseer, but we should hope and pray they leave a pilgrim. —Brigitta Remole

Topics: Church Life



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