How About You? 

February 3, 2014

The game turned out to be the most one-sided Super Bowl in years…just the way the Seahawks expected. The Seahawks set a Super Bowl record for the fastest score. They set a Super Bowl record with 36 consecutive points to start a game (the old mark was 24).  

Seattle scored 12 seconds into the first half, and 12 seconds into the second half. For the long-suffering 12s, (the fans) the symbolism was not a coincidence!

Listening to MVP Russell Wilson being interviewed after the game, I was struck by a comment he made. He was asked if he had ever imagined getting to the Super Bowl, and if so how? He replied that, when faced with challenges, he tries to remember something his dad told him a long time ago: “How about you?” Get in there and make it happen! Take responsibility for your goal, dream and life!

“How about you?” is a great faith question because it is easy to become spiritual consumers, wanting others to supply our needs and wants and address our societal concerns. We can then bask in the reflected glow of CSSA’s initiatives, the status of the Forum’s speakers and the quality of a Molly breakfast. 

However, a life of faith doesn’t happen through faith surrogates. In the end, we must take responsibility for our own journey. 

So what is stirring in your heart? What murmurings of the Holy Spirit keep you up at night?  Listen and be aware that the One who calls you is faithful, and he will do this (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

So, how about you?

–Grace and peace, Brigitta

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