Why Come to Ash Wednesday Service? 

March 3, 2014

At 7 pm Wednesday, March 5, begin the season of Lent with a contemplative service in the sanctuary, “Prayer Around The Cross.” This year’s service stands alone, without a program or meal beforehand, yet it fulfills a deep hunger: a hunger “to be” rather than “to do.” Silence is integral to the liturgy, the warp across which song and speech are woven. It is an invitation to release fretful worry and fidgety boredom, to settle into the wordless, mutual presence of our companions and God. This service provides an experience of healing and connection as we hear the words of Jesus invitation to walk in his footsteps, receive the ashes and be present with one another in lighting candles and singing simple chants.

People of all ages are welcome! Come, begin your Lenten journey around a candle-lit table, in the middle of the city, in the heart of a church hungry for healing, yearning for ways to be fully present with one another, listening for God’s still voice in our lives.

Jamie Shilling

Topics: Church Life, Events



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