Thoughts on Plymouth’s Sanctuary Improvement Project 

April 7, 2014

I enter the Sanctuary each Sunday for worship as a single individual. In the 20 years I have attended Plymouth, I have carried many things into the sanctuary with me:  toddlers, I hoped would not make too much noise; my briefcase, full of work I hoped to finish while the kids were at YF; my worries, about friends, family and our planet; troubled relationships, that need mending; grief and joy. Burdens of which I am unaware and questions I dare not ask also travel with me as I enter this space.

Why do I bring these things?  Why do I come to this place?

For me, it has been to find new insight from a sermon, comfort from a prayer, inspiration from a moment of ministry, peace and joy in music and fellowship. On any given Sunday, I may find one or many of these things in this place, sometimes in surprising ways. Although I enter the Sanctuary alone, I leave as one of many, my load lightened and my spirit inspired to go out into the world and do God’s work.

Why improve the Sanctuary?

You could think of the Sanctuary as just a room, one that a relatively small group of people spend only an hour in each week. But for me, it is the place where my spirit is fed, allows me to find meaning in life, connects me to community and inspires me to be a better person in the world outside the Sanctuary. This makes it more than “just a room;” it’s impact extends beyond the hour each week I spend there. The Sanctuary is the heart of our church.

Improving the Sanctuary’s sound, light, accessibility and flexibility is an investment in the group life of our congregation. It is also a way we can say yes to our future as a downtown church, open our doors to more people and share our gifts with the community. My family and I have been blessed in so many ways through our life at Plymouth. The Sanctuary has provided the space in which much of that has happened. I feel fortunate that by participating in the capital campaign, I am able to help ensure our Sanctuary continues to provide a place of solace, inspiration and celebration for our church and community. —Jane Hoyt Buckner

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