Pastoral Musings: Faith and Family 

April 7, 2014

Last summer, I worked on a project with Marcia Regnier, Steve Schmidt and Rev. Brigitta Remole that used focus groups to find out more about faith needs of families with children at home. We received plenty of great feedback and we committed to trying some new things to better serve Plymouth families. One offering is the Masterminds & Wingmen book discussion group.

This gathering met monthly since December and is targeted to families who are raising sons. As a mother of a teenage son, this book provided me enormous help. The material has also been a great blessing to learn and share with others in my faith community who are raising boys of all ages. Conversations have been deep and rich. This Sunday we will meet for the final time to discuss the book’s last three chapters of the book. All are welcome. Bring food to share as we join the mentor-confirmand potluck lunch in Room 221, and then meet separately in Room 322 until 2 pm. I hope  we continue to find ways for parents to share experiences and learn together in this grand adventure of raising children.

The Lenten Series book discussion of Jane Shaw’s A Practical Christianity is another opportunity to serve families in a new way. We heard clearly that it can be difficult for families to come downtown mid-week, and decided to create discussion groups in neighborhoods around Seattle to make it easier for families to participate. I will evaluate this effort at the end of the sessions to determine whether that goal was met, and I am excited to experiment with a new format.

The weekly online Simply Faith blog is yet another way we are adapting to needs of families. We know that weekly church attendance is often challenging for families with busy schedules. The blog provides families a convenient way to engage matters of faith from home.

What about you?  What engages your faith life right now?  I’d love to hear from you!

Jennifer Castle, Director of Faith Formation

Topics: Church Life


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