Invite a Friend to Plymouth U! 

April 14, 2014

In my recent musing, I shared brief reflections born from listening sessions with millennials (generation born between 1980 - 2000). To continue the conversation, I invited Plymouth members and friends to a discussion based on those conversations and what they might mean for the church (many thanks to those who participated Sunday). One suggestion, based on the listening sessions with millennials, was to increase avenues for introduction into the Plymouth community. Plymouth offers many wonderful programs that could serve as a front door for those interested in exploring the faith community.

Plymouth U is a great example of a potential entry point. Starting next week, Plymouth U offers great options for exploring faith, justice and dance (possibly all at the same time). The workshops, community, food and informal atmosphere provide great ways for someone to get to know the church. I encourage you to attend Plymouth U, take it a step further and invite a friend to join you in a workshop. Plymouth U offers great gifts; let’s pass them on to those we care about. Sign up now by calling 206.622.4865 or register directly at by following the link on the home page. —Brandon Durán, Associate Minister

Plymouth U, Spring 2014

Six Wednesdays, with a 6 pm meal. Cost is $10 per session (for meal) and cost of book. Classes to choose from are: Open Minds and Open Hearts: An Immersion into Christian Basics with Rev. Brigitta Remole; Living Wage, with Rev. Brandon Duran and Jenn Hagedorn; The Places we Call Home: Exploring Global Immigration, with Briana Frenchmore and Team; Clog Dancing, with Diane Jacobsen.

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