N-Sid-Sen All-Church Camp, July 20-26 

June 30, 2014

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Sign up for Camp N-Sid-Sen, July 20-26, a week-long camp of outdoor play with a program of learning and growing in faith for all ages with planning and leadership coming from the participants supported and guided by the church staff and the Community and Care Board. Download the registration form now, or stop by the kiosk this Sunday. Questions about camp? Come to Room 111, 10 am Sunday, July 6, and get answers!

The week begins with a shared meal Sunday evening, followed by a Vespers and introduction to the week. Each day is similarly structured with breakfast, morning chapel by the lake, a simultaneous adult faith formation program and children’s faith formation program, lunch, quiet time, free time, dinner, Vespers and a variety of optional evening activities. One day, we break from this schedule to participate in a river trip, bike trip or simply relax.

Newer Plymouth member Kathleen Bernard shares these thoughts on N-Sid-Sen:

We decided to attend N-Sid-Sen after only attending Plymouth for two months. We liked the folks we met during the Sunday services but felt we wanted to get to know the people of the church at a personal level.  We were surprised that we were welcomed to attend camp and at that time we were not even members! 

Whether you are new to Plymouth or have been a member for years ask yourself:

1.  With everyday life moving so fast when & where can I take time to slow down & be more present?

2.  What is the culture & spirit of the church beyond the ritual of weekly services? Might there be more to experience?

3. I don't have family nearby. How can I foster inter-generational relationships for myself & children?

4. Is it possible to go back in time? A time where the primary forms of communication were a knock at the door, an impromptu meeting in the neighborhood?  A time where electronic devices did not exist as they do today?

5. Is there a place where kids can join in play that is not scheduled & can self manage? A place where there is trust in the surroundings & community of individuals present to care for & guide them as needed?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions you will be pleased to know there is such a place. It is your very own annual summer church camp scheduled on July 20-26 on beautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene. 

Click here for registration form.

$245  Teens and adults (13+)

$220   Older kids (8-12)

$180 Younger kids (3-7)

Free for 2 and under

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