Need a Hearing Boost in the Sanctuary? 

April 28, 2014

Good news! The assisted hearing device to be installed during our upcoming summer Sanctuary renovation project is available for testing through May 11. The radio based system offers three ear piece options: over-the-ear, worn with or without a hearing aid; ear buds that sit in the ear; and a T-loop, worn around the neck which partners with a compatible hearing aid. This system matches the current Hildebrand Hall system. The hearing assistance device automatically locates the new radio signal as you approach the Sanctuary, a technological advantage!

The quality (and hopefully satisfaction) difference between the existing and new system is immense. Existing device presses on ears and sounds like you are in a big box hearing every noise. Service is crackly due to the system’s limitation to correctly process fricatives (i.e. fr, sh). If you turn your head or accidently cover the receptor, which picks up the direct signal from the transmitter on top of the organ case, the system crackles.

Please try the proposed system which helps dispel any stigma for using a hearing device. Our task is to confirm that folks can hear better plus determine quantity needed and preferred ear piece.

It is honestly news to shout from the hillside that folks may be able to hear in the Sanctuary! Thanks to Jocelyn Coit-Durland and Lance Weeks who are helping with this important work.

--Connie Sandstrom, Project Facilitator for Sanctuary Improvement Project Committee


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