When Will You Call? 

May 19, 2014

As we move into our next phase of the Capital Campaign I heard from a few folks asking:  Why have you not called me?  This is what I love about Plymouth; folks champing at the bit to help, to contribute in any way they can.  Be assured, we are reaching out to you, a letter will soon be in your hands asking you to contribute.

Led by the dynamic duo of Catie Wilson and Tom Maul, we have been working with a committee of 10 folks to help secure pledges for Sanctuary Renovation. One thing we learned in this process is campaigns like ours take about two years. We’re completing ours in about six months! So it is tough to meet with everyone one-on-one.  And most important; I know all of you understand we first reach out to those who have the largest capacity to give; kind of like getting a good running start. We’ve been doing that and are  very excited to say we’re in the home stretch. It’s now time to get everyone involved.

We have used a traditional (and very effective) model for fundraising where we first seek the pledge of each member on the steering committee. Then we turn to the leadership of the church; members of Council, board and committee chairs and senior staff. Then we go into the phase we just completed, seeking pledges from folks who potentially have the most capacity. This is not an exact science, so we know there are still many of you out there with great capacity and desire to give. It is hard to determine what everyone’s ability is to give, so we thank you for your patience and understanding. We need you! Our goal is that everyone in the Plymouth community joins in this campaign to revitalize our sanctuary. If you would like a personal call, please contact me, Catie Wilson or Tom Maul. Your participation and generosity are appreciated!

—Jon Palmason for the Capital Campaign Steering Committee  



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