Capital Campaign Continues 

May 26, 2014

I agreed to be on the renovations campaign committee because it gives those of us at Horizon House our last, or nearly last, chance to leave our imprint on our church’s future. Our gleaming white building is inviting. But, as Brigitta has asked: what message does being-unable-to-hear-the-spoken-word send to first-timers? What do tired, 1960’s-style lighting and erratic spotlights take away from one’s sanctuary experience?

In November, the congregation voted to raise $1.25 million to correct those deficiencies and to make other priority improvements to our worship space at the same time as the room would be closed for the installation of the new organ. Efficacy AND efficiency!

I have had the good fortune of being a member of Plymouth for 73 years (over one-half of the lifetime of the church). I have grown in different areas under ten senior ministers and four significant interim pastors. I confess to being moved most by what is often disparagingly called “civic religion.” Each of you, I am sure, finds highlights in differing facets of church life. What we share is the conviction that Seattle needs the strong, liberal, discerning, generous — voice and actions — of Plymouth Church in the mix of retail and financial activities, homeless and well-housed people, that downtown represents.

My invitation to you is to think how you can manage, when you are asked, to make a pledge large enough to make you feel GOOD. It will take ALL of us to reach that lofty goal of 1.25 million.

If you are already infected, as I am, with the unshakable belief that proposed sanctuary improvements are the next step necessary for our church to be true to its heritage, call me. There is no need to wait to have your questions answered and your pledge made. It is my hope that we, the oldest among the membership, show the strongest faith in the future of Plymouth Church, by leading the campaign to success...and perhaps, oversubscription, permitting more of our “wish list” to be accomplished.  —Ann Sandstrom

With $100,000 left to raise on our $1.25 million goal, the Make a Joyful Noise campaign for sanctuary renovation needs you! We have less than three weeks to come together as a worshipping community to raise remaining funds. Now, more than ever, we need gifts of all sizes to bring in the final $100,000. Campaign committee members will be in the lounge for the next two Sundays. Please take a minute to visit and do your part to Make a Joyful Noise for Plymouth Church. Donations also may be made via the “Make a Joyful Noise” link at

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