Working for a Living Wage 

June 9, 2014

We celebrate the passage of the $15 minimum wage ordinance by the Seattle City Council; It is a good first step. But we also recognize that $15 per hour is not a living wage in the city of Seattle.

For 50 years, Plymouth Church has provided shelter and assistance to the homeless, hungry and mentally ill. The times demand something more. We are connecting the dots between chromic homelessness, hunger and poverty and the lack of living wages for full time workers.

Jesus during his earthly ministry continually proclaimed the Good News of the Kingdom of God. This phrase summarizes the message and passion of Jesus. It refers to what life would be like on earth if God were king and the rulers of this world were not. It is life ruled by love, compassion, and justice. Justice does not mean absolutely equal. But it does mean that everybody is to have the material essentials of life, even if some have more. Christians are called to actively work for and give their lives to this Kingdom of God and to challenge the political and social systems that obstruct it. Why does the God of the Bible care about systemic justice? The answer is disarmingly simple. IN the words of Marcus Borg, ‘God cares about justice because the God of the Bible cares about human suffering. And the single biggest cause of unnecessary human suffering throughout history has been and is unjust social systems.”

Plymouth Church formally supports the Church Council of Greater Seattle’s Principle of a living wage for all full- time workers. A living wage is simply compensation for one’s labor that allows one to live a self-sufficient life with dignity and without governmental or charitable assistance. A living wage is a principle of justice for all full time workers. –Don Bell

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