Meet Rafn Company Construction Team Leaders 

July 14, 2014

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Scott Jones                           Steve Stroming

Work begins July 28!

It takes a special team to work well in an occupied building and especially a church with such a wide variety of daily uses as Plymouth. Our contractor the Rafn Company, selected Steve Stroming and Scott Jones to lead the Sanctuary project. Both long-time Rafn employees, they have extensive renovation experience.

Project Manager Steve Stroming has worked with Rafn for 23 years. Shortly after graduating with a B.A. in Architecture from University of Washington in 1980, Stroming discovered his real passion for construction. Thirty four years of experience and compounding knowledge gained from a broad variety of projects have enhanced his excellent practical know-how.

If you had to pick one word to describe Stroming, it would be “detailed.” He brings the ability to conceptualize and visualize the end product as well as the building process. His projects are highly organized, well planned and thoughtfully executed.

Stroming has already immensely helped guide Plymouth’s Sanctuary improvement project. Tireless in finding creative solutions to a wide variety of challenges, he helps ensure we will realize the best possible project results.

Superintendent Scott Jones, has also worked with the Rafn Company for 23 years. Continuing a career in the construction industry that began in 1978, Jones joined Rafn in 1990. He consciously sought a vast array of experiences, from tenant improvements to renovations and every variety of new construction. Jones’ construction expertise has proven valuable to the City of Seattle’s Construction Codes Advisory Board for the past decade. An active member of the Construction Industry Training Council of Washington, he is also Chairman of Rafn Company’s Safety Committee.

When you see Steve Stroming or Scott Jones, say hello and welcome them to Plymouth!

--Sanctuary Improvement Committee


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