Good Grief: Part 2 

August 13, 2014

Join Hospice Chaplain Ellen Goldblatt 9:30 am, Sunday, August 24, in the Lounge when she speaks about coping with life’s transitions in Good Grief: Part 2. For more than a decade, Goldblatt has practiced compassion and sensitive listening presence with those experiencing end of life issues. Her practice includes diverse consumers of Group Health Cooperative Hospice, Evergreen Healthcare’s Hospice, a part time presence at Horizon House and private practice.

“Like it or not, grief comes to everybody. Ellen offers compassionate and practical ways of understanding the work of grieving, helpful for those who grieve and for those who seek to comfort,” said Don Mayer.

“I plan to do a short recap of Part One, offer more small group interaction and Q & A,” said Goldblatt. Join us!



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