Pastoral Musings: Blessings and Challenges 

September 8, 2014

As we open the program year, we are blessed while also facing challenges. Rosemary and I welcomed a good group at the  elementary kick-off Sunday. We acted out the Bible story about feeding the 5000, sang and previewed the program year. I also shared with families how we are challenged this fall around finding teachers to participate in our elementary classes.

Leading up to fall start of 2013, the Children and Youth Board had the idea that children in our midst belong to the church rather than a few teachers, and so it is the responsibility of the whole church to raise our children in faith. We need the whole church to raise our children in faith, so please consider signing up to teach in one of our elementary classes this year. Teachers and children are in worship the first Sunday of the month, followed by three Sundays in the classroom. Monthly themes we will explore: Working for Justice, Discovering Gifts of Ministry, Honoring the Body and Keeping the Sabbath.

I was welcomed into our Toddler/PreK room Sunday by smiling faces and snack/story time. We are so blessed to have about a 95% return rate for teachers in this class and a group of adults who work so intentionally to create a warm supportive space for children and parents. Our baby holding calendar is also full and consistent! Thanks be to God!

This Sunday starts Elementary Church School and Middle YF. Elementary will start the year with a study of Giving and Receiving Hospitality. The Middle YF program will center on service and reflection. The class of six youth will engage in service projects throughout the year, along with preparation and reflection of their experience. Youth are also invited to sing with Soul Choir Sunday mornings.

Lastly, I was approached over the summer by a group of business students at Seattle U who are looking to partner with us on a composting education program for children. The fifth Sunday of November, March and May this year, we will invite guest teachers, to educate our children on earth justice and how composting as a community and individuals helps support our earth.                   

Karen Hollis, Coordinator of Children & Family Ministry

Topics: Church Life



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