Plymouth Welcomes Justice Leadership Program Interns 

September 23, 2014

Honah Thompson

First generation Mexican American Emmanuel Mancilla grew up in Tacoma. He graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in sociology and theology, and says the Plymouth Church internship offers a good next step. Drawn to social justice work, in part due to social injustices through his own life, Emmanuel believes in a holistic approach to change.

“I personally feel my life has been impacted and having education helps me speak up,” he says. He hopes to work as a college preparatory instructor. “By integrating social action and faith I want to be that voice that says ‘yes, you can go to college.’”

Inspired by his mother, Emmanuel says, “She embodies the hard-working Latina woman who helps better the lives of others.” He is also inspired by justice advocate John Perkins.

Emmanuel is interested to discover how Plymouth carries out justice work and how he may participate. He interns for Plymouth five to seven hours/week and works part time for the Greater Church Council of Seattle.

New to the Northwest, intern Honah Thompson hails from Santa Rosa, California. While attending Chapman College, Honah participated in UCC Disciples of Christ. She earned a degree in sociology and religious studies and plans to pursue her Master’s degree in social work with a medical emphasis.

Living on Capitol Hill in an intentional community with other Justice Leadership Program interns, working for Washington Low Income Housing Alliance and interning with Plymouth keeps her busy. She is particularly interested in the Living Wage issue. “I love it! I’ve always had a faith community and I think this is a great way to do it. I always have time to interact with community.”

The Justice Leadership Program (JLP) in Seattle is part of the UCC's Young Adult Service Community. This program invites young adults into a nexus of intentional community living, congregational service, hands on justice advocacy and faith conversations reflecting on their experience.

Plymouth has proudly supported the Justice Leadership Program in Seattle since its inception. Over the last two years, we have been blessed by previous JLP interns Jenn Hagedorn and Briana Frenchmore. I am thrilled that this year Plymouth will mentor and learn from two JLP interns, Honah Thompson and Emmanuel Mancilla. It is my hope that Plymouth will continue to invest in this great and growing program.-Rev. Brandon Durán

)photos: Emmanuel Mancilla, Honah Thompson)


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