Plymouth Parish Nurse Attends National Conference 

September 23, 2014

Parish Nurse June Hayakawa-Fung recently attended a three-day national conference in the Washington D.C. area presented by Health Ministry Association. The all-volunteer organization, celebrating 25 years, featured several keynote speakers including Mike McCurry, President Bill Clinton’s former press secretary and Barbara Baylor, Policy Advocate for Health and Wholeness Justice and Witness Ministries, UCC.

McCurry talked about the importance of the Five C’s: Credibility (personal integrity); Candor (owning up to mistakes); Clarity; Compassion (respect for the other side of issues); and Commitment. Hayakawa Fung said her favorite conference workshop focused on “Combining Art and Medicine for Healing.” “The presenter talked about everything from gardening to music and art. I think it’s important to look at all the senses and the wholeness of the person, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. It all goes together,” she said.

Looking at a model for healthy living, a simple wheel includes equal parts: friends and family, faith life, movement, medical, work, emotional and nutrition. “We can use the resources I received for both our church and our greater community,” she said. “I really appreciate the Plymouth community supporting me to attend. It’s wonderful to share ideas with other parish ministries around the country.”

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