Share your Musical Gifts 

October 13, 2014

Barbara Staley invites Plymouth folks of all ages to celebrate and share their musical gifts for the glory of God and the fun of it all. While Plymouth Children’s Choir is thriving, the group is also exploring ways that older youth may also be involved. Staley is leading the effort with Rosemary Hashimoto and Children and Youth Board’s blessings. “Barbara's energy and efforts for youth music and arts encourage our youth to share their gifts at Plymouth and beyond. Thank you, Barbara,” adds Rosemary.

“Those of us with kids started looking at this as a ministry. How do we bring the musical gifts of all our youth (K-12th grade) to light and facilitate ways for them to share their gifts with the congregation,” asks Staley. “There are many gifted youth here; a number of them attended a gospel singing session at WRYE. Now the Soul Choir is open to 7th grade and up. Sari has always hoped for a multi-generational choir. And from a vocal standpoint, it’s a wonderful mix.”

Currently, Staley is performing a congregation-wide musical gifts inventory. Whether you sing, play an instrument, write music or would like to help in any way, please contact Barbara Staley. “We hope everyone will share their gifts,” she says.

Staley sees this effort as an extension of Plymouth’s long-time tradition and excellent reputation for fine music. “Our short term goal is to continue the K-6 Choir and Chimes program; our long term goal is to incorporate Youth Ensembles at Plymouth (YEP) into worship and an evening of music.” Contact . -Janice Randall

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