Undoing Racism: Plymouth U 

October 14, 2014

Growing up in a small UCC church, my pastor would often start the service by saying “God loves each of you just as you are and he loves you so much that he isn’t going to let you stay that way.” For me, church has always been the place I know I will be welcomed with open arms, and that the love I receive will constantly transform me. This is the challenge and joy we are called into when we choose to worship such a loving and visionary God together.

My faith calls me to stand with those who are oppressed, but to be present in such a way that I am changed. In engaging with other anti-racist organizers, I feel the Spirit alive in a profoundly life-giving way. I hope to share this experience with all of you, my faith community, so we can engage in this justice-seeking work together.

In the upcoming Plymouth U class starting October 22, explore ways that race and racism have been constructed in the United States and embedded within our institutions. It is through an understanding of how racism has been constructed that we can effectively dismantle it.

Plymouth holds a long history advocating for equity in our City and beyond. In this era of “colorblindness,” we must equip ourselves and others with new tools for dismantling systems of oppression. Come hear about the history of anti-racist work in our community and beyond; learn from organizers with the People’s Institute Northwest, and engage with young people of color who are leading an anti-racist movement in Seattle.

As people of faith, we bring a unique vision and passion to this work; we are called to create God’s Kin-dom here on earth. Please join with me in a step towards this vision of justice and equity for all God’s children.

Classes will take place four consecutive Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm, beginning October 22 and ending November 12. Dinner will be served at 6. The fee is $40, which covers meal costs. Scholarships are available upon request. Register starting Sunday after each service and online here or here

–Jenn Hagedorn Social Justice Liaison

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