Teaching is Fun 

November 11, 2014

After taking a 12 year hiatus from teaching Sunday school, Caroline Becker found herself in the classroom last month. Acting on an invitation she received from Anne Kiemle, Becker was drawn by the social justice theme and opportunity to work with Social Justice intern Honah Thomson and Mary Stevens. Becker discovered that co-teaching 3rd and 4th graders was fun and gratifying.

“They’re lovely kids; what a great age to work with,” she said. Together they explored social justice themes through games and discussions guided by the Faith Practices curriculum and Karen Hollis.

Becker wanted to do something experiential. So they decided to distribute snacks to homeless individuals in Freeway Park. While the kids felt apprehensive about it at first, Youth Forum members dropped by and shared their outreach mission experiences.  “Their visit encouraged us,” said Becker. “They reminded us that homeless people are ‘just people.’”  One student said, “I was really nervous about it until we started doing it.”

Becker emphasized that she likes kids a lot and though she taught Sunday School when her children were young, she never saw herself as a teacher. “Karen was super supportive and the curriculum provides a wonderful foundation for ideas. Units are set up well and the commitment is a short period of time, 45 minutes for three or four Sundays. There are always two teachers, which is nice. It’s such a delight to get to know kids I wouldn’t normally know; teaching Sunday School connects me more with church. I would gladly do it again!”

Becker adds one bit of advice:  “If you’re thinking about teaching, sit in on a class or talk with Karen. Teaching is fun. The structure is there. I would highly recommend doing it!” –Janice Randall

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