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November 18, 2014

As co-chair for the 2015 Stewardship Campaign, along with Richard Wilson, I had plenty of opportunity to muse about what it means to ‘be church,’ the honor and responsibility to continue in a tradition and to pass that on ‘seven generations.’

Jon Palmason advised me before taking this position that it is largely a matter of keeping track of a LOT of moving parts. It’s clear to me now that each individual on our team carried each moving part with intention and grace. And because of that, we moved along the tracks of stewardship throughout the campaign with ease. Further, congregation members stepped up to participate in the campaign by delivering heartfelt moments of ministry and writing personal stories for the Herald. People did what they could.

In my family, we operate with the concept that everyone find the ‘right sized job.’ Stewardship is so much about finding the right sized contribution. It matters that everyone does what they can, and DOES that. Each of us is a moving part that keeps the ‘whole’ moving forward.

Watching members, custodians and staff transform Hildebrand Hall, from Sunday morning Sanctuary to huge, tables-set dining room in 15 minutes, offered a visual lesson where everyone doing a part seamlessly creates the whole. It was, indeed, a perfect metaphor for participation and stewardship. Thanks to Molly for the delicious brunch she prepared for us, beautiful music played by Plymouth Ringers and special entertainment, headed by Scott Palmason.

If you haven’t yet figured out what your ‘right sized’ pledge is for 2015, I hope you find time to do so this week. Keeping the ‘Whole’ vibrant in 2015 is our job at Plymouth Church UCC, Seattle. Thank you all.

Vicki Shoettle, Co-chair, Stewardship Committee 2015

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