Christmas Flower Contributions 

December 16, 2014

Christmas Flowers given in honor or in memory of…

James Kaiton (grandson) from Jon Palmason and Family

Hoke and E#ddie Woodruff, from Bob Woodruff

Lillian Davis, Wallace Davis, John Blaine and Cheri Blaine, from Lauren Davis

Scout Maiden, from Marianne E. Maiden

Roland Schlueter, from Karen and Don Gwilym

Marion Brennan, from Diane B. Nelson

Beatrice Halfaker and Roland Schlueter, from JamesHalfaker

Lulu Stevenson and Alice Eberharter, from Betty Eberharter

Barbara Earle, from Connie Wentzel

Geraldine Rood, from Kathy Rood

DeLores and Dewey Teigen, from Terry and Martha Teigen

Bill Beery, from Susan and Larry Jones

Ernest and Alberta Colglazier and Bob Hanson, from Bertha Hanson

Mary Shilling, from Bruce and Jamie Shilling

My Mother, Mildred Hirst, from Beverly DeCook

John and Jean Haigh, from Jeanette and Ken Hagen 

Additional Contribution from…

Jerry and Sue Haas

Topics: Advent, Church Life



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