2015 Budget Proposed 

January 13, 2015

Assembling an organization’s budget can often be a rather ho-hum affair. Plymouth’s budget for 2015, however, has proven to be anything but a “yawner.”

I hope you have read the thoughtful letter from Moderator Nancy Parker concerning the proposed budget. First, a brief summary of the letter:

  • A current study of our membership roll shows between 425 – 450 active members; this is down from approximately 1,000 members 15 years ago.
  • While many members have been exceedingly generous, our pledge income has not kept up with our increasing expenses over the same span of time.
  • We have balanced the budget for the past few years by drawing down our cash reserves, taking money from the endowment fund in excess of our past practice and some other one-time events.
  • To maintain all of our current programs, staff and mission giving this year would require $120,000 more than our projected income. Therefore, in order to balance the 2015 budget, the Council has adopted a proposal which cuts from each of the areas just mentioned.

Proposed cuts involve reductions in our staffing, to include fewer hours for our librarian and parish visitor, elimination of our kitchen manager’s position and once again forgoing pay increases for higher earning employees. A reduced music budget, less money to support the conference, drawdown of the mission giving reserve account and lowering the amount set aside for building maintenance round out the proposal.

The proposed budget for 2015 is designed to provide a stable starting point for us and an opportunity for our congregation to begin a thoughtful conversation about aligning our financial and human resources with our most critical priorities in a sustainable way for the future.

Learn more about, ask questions and discuss the budget the next three Sundays at “Council Corner,” where Council members will be available in the lounge and at the February 1 Forum. Or you may email me at Doug-James@comcast.net. I will copy Al Wallace, my budget committee co-chair, with your questions and ideas. A meeting at Horizon House was conducted January 14. We are committed to an open and fully transparent process as we work together to build our future. –Doug James

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