Child Care is Ministry 

February 3, 2015

Every Sunday, during the 9 am service and after church beginning at noon, YF high school youth (Tommy Maul, Briana Weekes, Mary Kristen and YF Alum Carrie Stultz) provide child care for infants through 2nd grade. As coordinator of this team of providers, I can tell you they love and care for our children, and they are at the center of sharing a “Ministry of Hospitality” for visiting families and for ANY parent who desires to attend a class or meeting on Sundays or during the week! 

I encourage you to make use of child care. Check in with providers in first floor classrooms or plan ahead and call me with a particular child care request! Yes, we sometimes take children older than 2nd grade; older children are welcome helpers for little ones! Child care for any age child is always available for all-church events like the Annual Meeting. Please contact me directly or notify the church office so we can plan for your child care needs, 206.948.5725.

Child Care IS a ministry, and when you really want to participate in a Plymouth gathering, isn't it good to know there is someone who will welcome and care for your child? Please let us know how we can serve you! –Jamie Shilling

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