Reflect with Faith 

February 10, 2015

In the next months we will have gatherings and conversations about the endowment, governance, mission, staffing and right-sizing ourselves for a new era for Plymouth. As part of our process, I ask you to reflect and hold the theological arc, and the questions and insights it raises, during our work together. There are five topics and Bible readings:

Creation and Change (Genesis 1 & 2)

Reflection: How will I move through the seeming ‘chaos’ that is part of the creative process?

The Temptation of Jesus (Mark 4)

Reflection:  In what ways might I be seduced by quick fixes?

Crucifixion and Letting Go (Mark 15-16)

Reflection: How will I live in the tension between the passing of old ways and the emerging of new ways?

Pentecost and the Beloved Community (Acts 1 & 2)

Reflection: Am I open to change as long as it’s going my way? Do I dare to follow the Holy Spirit?

A New Vision and Reality (Revelations 21 & 22)

Reflection: How will I know what is foundational and what is ephemeral?

Remember, Plymouth is God’s idea, not ours. God’s great confidence in us, as seen by God’s gracious choice of us, gives us the confidence we need to embrace the future. The one who calls you is faithful and God will do this. (I Thessalonians 5:24)             

Brigitta Remole  

Topics: Church Life



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