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February 17, 2015

Retired banker and renowned tenor Jon Palmason is a familiar face and voice at Plymouth. While many know him well from his 40 years of dedicated service, many may not know this is his first stint as Church Moderator. A month into his new post, Palmason took a few moments to share how his faith continues to evolve and how he envisions his role in the upcoming year.

Seattle native and graduate of University of Puget Sound, Palmason grew up Lutheran in Ballard. His father, a physician, influenced Jon early in life toward social action. Ed Hansen, Jon’s college music teacher and former Plymouth organist, needed a tenor in the choir and soon Jon was section leader and soloist. His college sweetheart Ann joined him and together, they have built a legacy of service including leading Youth Forum, budget chair, finance, stewardship chair and more.

“Music has always been my refuge, yet we are held by so many connections,” he says. “There is a feeling of unending talent and energy here at Plymouth.”

When asked about his goals, Jon’s enthusiasm is evident. “I look forward to celebrating the reopening of the Sanctuary and new organ. I’m excited about leading the congregation to more volunteerism and working with Community and Care on hospitality initiatives. In depth conversations with the congregation will help us understand our Endowment and what we should be doing with it. I want to streamline the budget process, work toward a master plan, raise awareness and engagement,” he says.

“Plymouth is more than Church; it’s community. It’s a church that puts action in motion. We walk the talk.” –Janice Randall

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