Council Corner: Meet a member 

February 25, 2015

Welcome Bing Tso, new Council member, who shares his thoughts about faith and the upcoming year.

When people ask you about Plymouth, what do you tell them?
“I tell them I go to that white box church right in the heart of downtown Seattle, the one that’s part of the progressive United Church of Christ, the one that does things like house the homeless and puts on lunchtime concerts and services, the one with a great music program and youth group.”

How has Plymouth influenced your faith?
“Plymouth stands in marked contrast—in size and demographics--to other churches I have attended, and even after a couple of years, I feel I am just scratching the surface of the complicated and varied communal and individual faith traditions that exist within it. It’s hard to put my finger on what that influence is, but I know the conversations, sacred spaces, retreats and fellowship have sustained my spirit of late.”

As a new Council member, what one thing do you hope to work toward and accomplish this year?
“I hope my Plymouth newcomer perspective allows me to share fresh viewpoints, and ask penetrating questions while on the Council. I also hope I can help the group to streamline how we run the church so more of Plymouth’s energy can go toward other forms of service, mission and faith formation.”

Tell us a bit about your professional/personal background and how that may benefit those you serve through the Council.
“I run an energy efficiency consulting company, so my business perspective may be helpful. I have also served in board leadership positions in local church, conference and national settings of the UCC, so things like governance, by-laws, budgets (not to mention generative thinking and strategic vision, I hope) feel quite familiar now.”



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