Story Time in the Library 

March 3, 2015

Two years ago, the Library Committee brainstormed with Plymouth members and staff to come up with ways the Library could reach out into the larger community. The Church Council endorsed launching a Library blog and providing story times to local preschools. I've been writing weekly blog articles now for a year and a half. My bear puppet, Harmony and I invite the pre-kindergarten class from Seattle Infant Development Center to the Library once a month for story time. I work with their teacher to provide materials to build from class themes. This month is “M is for March - and Monsters.” Most ‘monster’ books in our library are dragon books which made the library dragon very happy. Each child took home a dragon booklist to share with their families. If you would like to read some dragon stories, too, here is your very own list: The Best Pet of All, David LaRochelle; The Boy Who Painted Dragons, Demi; Custard the Dragon and the Wicked Knight, Ogden Nash; Dragons, Lucille Penner; East Dragon, West Dragon, Robyn Eversole; The Egg, M. Robertson; Legend of the Chinese Dragon, Marie Sellier; Lionel and the Book of Beasts, E. Nesbit. –Suzanne Sanderson, Librarian

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