Council Corner 

March 10, 2015

In our continuing series of getting to know our Council members better, Katherine  Guthrie recently shared a few thoughts on her faith and life.

How do you describe Plymouth to others?

“When asked, I describe it as a big, progressive Christian, downtown church.”

How long have you been associated with Plymouth Church and what brought you here?

“David and I moved here from the east coast in 1995, and began to come to Plymouth around 2000. We wanted to go back to church, and we heard Plymouth’s ad on KUOW!”

How does Plymouth inspire and activate your faith?

“I am inspired by the children’s programs and choir, by singing in Soul Choir, by sermons and prayers of the people and by the amazing people of Plymouth —  and to invest more deeply in this community of faith and to live my life as a Christian.”

What are your goals as a Council member?

“My goal is to listen, ask questions, bring my faith to the table and help Plymouth keep moving forward gracefully into new things.”

Please share a bit about your professional/personal background and how that may benefit those you serve through Council.

“I am a biostatistician, involved in medical research related to cancer and midlife women’s health, I am a wife of 20 years and a mom to two kids — I have experience juggling many aspects of life and seeking meaning in it all!”

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