At the Men's Retreat 

March 10, 2015

While I always look forward to Plymouth Men’s Retreat, the timing this year could not have been better. As ten of us gathered at Pilgrim Firs the evening February 26 for the optional day of silence, I realized I was  both physically and mentally exhausted. This imposed silence was truly a gift.

For an introvert, the freedom from having to speak gave me the necessary time, permission and energy to check in with myself. As a result of this internal conversation I have taken steps to reduce my work hours and created a short time in early morning for daily silence.

There was also space for light heartedness in silence. Imagine ten men preparing dinner in the small kitchen at South Lodge for their 29 brothers joining them for the rest of the retreat Friday evening!

Friday evening through Sunday noon program was time divided between large and small groups. I reconnected with old friends and got to know new ones. There was time for music, walking or listening to the trials and tribulations of returning golfers.

Perhaps the most meaningful portion for me was the creation of a list of men who had been on the retreat in past years who could not join us either due to schedule or preceding us in death. It was a powerful reminder of those who we enjoyed time with in the past and perhaps took our time together for granted. –Jon Daniel

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