Welcome Rosemary 

March 24, 2015

Plymouth staff and the Children and Youth Board are thrilled to announce the hiring of Rosemary Hashimoto as Coordinator of Children and Family Ministry (CCFM). Rosemary's dedication in her service to the children of Plymouth for many months has made this transition to a new role nearly seamless. In December, Rosemary stepped in as interim CCFM and was instrumental in guiding the Children’s ministry through Advent and Christmas. Her interim position transitioned into a settled position last month after the Children and Youth Board guided an open hiring process that saw Rosemary arise as the clear choice.

When considering this role and Rosemary’s gifts,  Barbara Staley, Chair of Children and Youth Board, expresses gratitude and excitement saying, “Given that 'youth and young adults' is one of the main focus areas for our congregation, we couldn't be happier to have Rosemary's vision, ideas and detailed care at work among our children and their families. The synergy we'll gain from having her continue working as the Children's Music Director as she takes on this new role, helps offset the budget cut of the music role's honorarium. Her passion for the importance of relationships in children's faith formation impacts us all as we grow in faith together.”

When listening to Rosemary, her passion for this role is evident and her love for the children and families of Plymouth is contagious.

“I felt my spirit stir when I heard that the position for Coordinator of Children and Family Ministries would be opening up. I began waking up in the night, envisioning Plymouth overflowing with children, youth and adults young and old. I could see the work of Children and Family Ministries as being vital to this growth by providing many levels of support to parents, invigorating our Sunday school classes, continuing to offer enrichment in the spiritual arts and passionately advocating for children and families in all church programs. My gifts and life experience seemed to all come together into big ‘Yes!’”

Please join your lay leaders and staff in the joy of welcoming Rosemary Hashimoto to the Coordinator of Children and Family Ministry position.

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