Easter Special Offering 

March 30, 2015

Plymouth’s Community Service and Social Action (CSSA) board selects the recipients of the Easter Offering.  Half of the Offering will support our gift to One Great Hour of Sharing, a day we share once a year with churches throughout our denomination.  This longtime ministry supports international refugee relief and development activities through the United Church of Christ and transforms lives through health, education, and agricultural initiatives in dozens of countries around the world.  As always, funds for this program also support emergency relief after natural disasters, such as recently in the Philippines and Vanuatu.

The other recipient of the Easter Offering is the Emergency Feeding Program.  This longtime local program has been a Plymouth outreach ministry for over 20 years. On a regular basis, a faithful band of our members pack food bags that the program then distributes to a large number of partner agencies. In addition, Plymouth UCC has been generous in financial support to this life-saving program, which is not a food bank but often a last resort to the hungry in our community.  The demand for food supplies currently outstrips the Emergency Feeding Program’s resources.  CSSA knows the need is great and had little trouble deciding to share our Easter Offering with this important community lifeline.

As always, Plymouth’s Easter gift gives form to the new life Christ brought at Easter and to the hope that we can offer new life to others in need, both inside and outside our congregation.  It reflects our confidence that God is in all things.  Please give as generously as you can. 

Caroline Becker and Susan Jones, for the Community Service & Social Action Board

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