Observe Good Friday at Plymouth 

March 31, 2015

Reverend Kelle Brown brings seven powerful women speakers together, each with a seven minute sermon, at 12 pm, Good Friday, April 3, to preach on the last seven words Jesus spoke.  Brown expressed that this annual gathering of women, a practice she participated in while serving in Richmond, Virginia, is a wonderful way to broaden the spectrum, both ethnically and ecumenically. 

Speakers include Rev. Kelle Brown, Dr. Elizabeth Gordon, Rev. Dr. Patricia Hunter, Rev. Eliana Maxim, Rev. Jane Pauw, Rev. Brigitta Remole and Rev. Dr. Linda Smith.

Brown, who works on behalf of the most vulnerable, focuses on #BlackLivesMatter for this Good Friday service. Each speaker received one of Jesus’ final words (such as “I thirst”) to connect and contrast with current racial issues in a 7 to 10 minute sermon. “It’s social justice wrapped in ministry,” says Brown. Service will also include congregational singing and dance by choreographer Dani Tirrell.

“Everyone who is participating is really on fire about this,” she adds. “Lent should be a communal process; we hope to impact and change lives. I plan to address different topics each year.” –Janice Randall

Topics: Church Life, Easter



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