Church Wide Discussions begin this Sunday 

April 14, 2015

What makes Plymouth different than another non-profit organization? How do we define our faith? How do we explain it? When you describe your connection to Plymouth, how do you frame it? Understanding and defining our theology is the objective of this gathering. From the Leadership Retreat held March 12, leaders of the church chose this topic as the number one issue to address. This series continues through June with church wide discussions on Mission in May and Endowment conversations in June.

Join Congregational Council as we host a luncheon in Hildebrand Hall following 11 am service Sunday, April 19. Senior Minister Brigitta Remole will share her observations about our faith journey. We will then share our thoughts in small group discussions. FareStart will provide a simple luncheon, $12 suggested donation. We will hold a similar gathering at 3 pm, Thursday, April 16, in Horizon House Sky Lounge.

Note about FareStart: Let’s all give this wonderful social action agency a “Fair Start.” The catering side of their business is highly respected and is similar to food they serve at their restaurant. Please withhold preconceptions until you have enjoyed this coming meal! –Jon Palmason, Moderator

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