Keep Talking Plymouth! 

April 27, 2015

Sunday April 18, after church, about 100 of us took the opportunity to sit at round tables with friends and share a meal and a conversation about our faith. A few days earlier, a similar conversation was held at Horizon House.

In her opening words, Brigitta said that the Greek word for church is ‘ecclesia’ which means ‘assembly.’ It was powerful for me to see us actually assembled and talking directly to each other from our hearts and lives. We shared our personal understandings (or confusions) about Jesus, about Christ, what is Christianity to me today and in what ways it is unique.

In passive learning situations like lectures, reading etc., it is easy for us (ok me!) to quickly skim ideas and absent-mindedly accept the familiar and reject the rest. When I am in conversation with people I know and trust, I listen very differently and my perspective grows and shifts. When speaking to them, I feel less called to plagiarize and more called to say what is deeply true for me. This is how we grow and bring faith into our real lives and vitality into our church.

More conversations are coming. Be there. Keep talking Plymouth! I love you!You are my teachers! –Becky Colwell

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