Finding the Light Within 

April 27, 2015

Walk the Plymouth Labyrinth, May 7, in Hildebrand Hall between 10 am and 2 pm. This is a time to get to know ourselves, examine how we’re living life, a time of transformation.

Difficulties and challenges we face, fears that lock us into inaction, regrets about the past, the consuming grief of loss, everything comes with us as we walk the labyrinth. We’re invited to set down all we carry in and begin walking. Become present to the peaceful silence; express gratitude for the “right now.” Gradually, seeds of transformation grow and creativity blossoms. Find new ways to care for ourselves and others and to negotiate life.     

Christian mystics conceived of God as a Divine Light that surrounds, enfolds and flows through us. The mystical tradition affirms an unquenchable spark of divinity within us. This spark is kindled into a glowing fire when we nurture ourselves with the beauty of nature, music, art, poetry and deep connection with others. Opening ourselves to the goodness and divinity we are each connected to, we may experience the light within. –Sharon Brown, Labyrinth Facilitator

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