Raising Our Voices 

May 1, 2015

The Immigration Ministry team at Plymouth welcomes everyone to join its movement in raising voices that demand more holistic  rights for  immigrants throughout the month of May. The team joins communities of faith and spirit  to demand that our policy moves to allow families to stay together without the fear of imminent deportation. End the funding and building of new family detention centers, cease the maintaining of a quota system for filling detention beds, and enact alternatives to massive deportation of people who have not been convicted of serious criminal offenses.

Throughout the month of May the team has worked on fostering its own  voice in seeking a change through writing certain parts of our Sunday services, coordinating a group to attend the Mother’s Day Vigil at the Detention Center held on May 9, and creating an art display based on the detention center that will be displayed May 17. Keep a lookout for the opportunities to join the team and its efforts in seeking a better difference for our migrant brothers and sisters.

For more information contact: Emmanuel Mancilla at: emancilla@thechurchcouncil.org or 206.204.3851

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