Support ‘Honest Elections in Seattle’ 

May 19, 2015

A coalition of individuals and community organizations is working together to hold big money accountable, ensure honest and transparent elections and encourage a more diverse pool of candidates and voters to participate in our city’s democracy. To learn more or sign this petition, stop by the kiosk Sundays May 24 and 31. When everyone’s voice matters, beyond the wealthy or political elite, our democracy is stronger and our communities and families benefit.

For more information, go to: –Adele Reynolds. Social Justice Action Group

Key components of Initiative 122 include:

  • Lower contribution limits in all city races
  • A ban on contributions from corporations that spend significant funds lobbying the city and corporations with large city contracts
  • Increased fines & penalties for election law violations
  • Tighter campaign reporting deadlines and increased transparency
  • An innovative campaign finance program that will give voters four $25 “Democracy Vouchers” to donate to the qualified candidates of their choice, encouraging political participation by a broader set of Seattleites and allowing candidates to finance their campaigns with small donations instead of relying on the city’s wealthiest people and special interests.
  • Spending caps for candidates that participate in the campaign finance program

This is an effort to ensure honest, accountable, and transparent elections in the city of Seattle.


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