June 7 Forum: Affordable Home Ownership 

June 2, 2015

Question: When is a home more than a basic need for safety and survival?

Answer: When it is the most effective means to break the cycle of poverty that disproportionately affects people of color.

As the citizens and leaders of Seattle grapple with the crisis of affordable housing, considerable attention is given – and rightly so – to the basic human right of a safe place to live.  Organizations like Plymouth Housing, Bellwether and Capitol Hill Housing are doing amazing work to increase the number of affordable rental homes in the city.

But an increasing body of research points to the importance of homeownership as a tool to break the cycle of poverty and address the wealth gap that disproportionally affects people of color. The public policy organization Demos, in its study The Racial Wealth Gap, finds that owning one’s own home makes a bigger difference in addressing poverty, than other factors including education and wage increases.

Homestead Community Land Trust creates and preserves permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for modest-income homebuyers. On June 7 during Plymouth’s Adult Ed Forum, 10 am in the Lounge, Tony Case, Plymouth Member and Homestead Board Member, and Kathleen Hosfeld, Executive Director, will describe Homestead’s work to address the crisis of affordability in Seattle and King County, and the effectiveness of its approach in addressing racial and social justice issues including the wealth gap and displacement.

Homestead Community Land Trust is a grateful beneficiary of a construction loan made by Plymouth’s Community Investment Committee that is being used to create 26 permanently affordable homes for modest-income homebuyers in Columbia City.

In 2016, the voters of Seattle will vote on a new housing levy. Mayor Ed Murray has convened the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda process to identify priorities, strategies and solutions to increase affordable housing in our city. This forum presentation is an opportunity to learn more about the impact of Homestead’s work to address housing affordability, social and racial justice goals.

Join the discussion this Sunday, 10 am in the Lounge. 

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